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  • The brief introduction of mobile belt conveyor
    publish time2013-12-19

     Mobile belt conveyor is also called mobile belt conveyors are widely used to transport grain bins, materials, finished parts. It is also called a mobile conveyor. Mobile belt conveyor design, there are two ways, and can not be divided to lift lift. Transport height can be designed, fuselage length of 10 m can be increased to 4.5 m height according to user needs, the body 12 meters long can be raised to 5.5 meters high. In order to use the user-friendly operation, where the uch-conveyor mechanical conveyor technology to operational use and precautions are summarized as follows for your reference learning.

    Screw currently in use, although its working principle has not changed, but in order to increase its transmission capacity in the design of the structure has been greatly improved, and accumulated a lot of practical experience. Besides, our company also produces different kinds of breakers, mills, gringders, dryers, feeders, kilns, and etc.. In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the screw conveyor and the screw blade can be life than generally used to increase the foreign fiber reinforced plastic layer to the layer of the spiral blade. For transporting loose material toxic heavy odor screw conveyor, using a special steel manufacturing large-diameter pipe axis. To prevent the material of dust, gas and water contamination of the environment fall within or outside of the fed material, the sealing performance of the apparatus is preferably used, the conveyed material is completely enclosed in the groove in the body of the screw conveyor. Currently a large screw conveyor used abroad, the screw diameter has reached more than 3m. Compared with some other conveyor, with a long life, easy maintenance, high efficiency and small footprint, etc., and can be run at any one angle. The current mine design for the main spiral blade in several types. Knowledge can not only be learnt in school, you can get what you want, if only you want!

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