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  • Why cone crusher can be used in iron ore process?
    publish time2013-12-19

     We know that the earliest spring cone crusher was designed by Milwaukee Symons brothers, no matter how upgrading, whether spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher or Symons cone crusher, its working principle is unchanged. We know that the cone crusher belongs to fine crushing equipment, iron ore is used more in the metallurgical industry, especially in the steel industry, grinding process is necessary before the beneficiation process, grinding fineness also affects the precision of the iron ore powder to a certain extent, stones shall be crushed before grinding, of course, the finer, the better. The crushing fineness of cone crusher can reach 3-9mm. Cone crusher can greatly reduce the burden of mill, this is one of the reasons why cone crusher can be used as fine crushing equipment.

    As a matter of fact, the different industries adopts the different equipment. The impact crusher has a wider application fields. It also can be used in the waster disposing industry. When compare with other kind of machine, the design principle of this machine is skillful. Impact crusher is a crushing machine for sale that crush the material with the impact energy. It also can be used in those industries that have the strict granularity and performance standard of the material. Impact crusher adopts the natural crushing theory, which is suitable for the construction of high way. In the coke crushing industry, hammer crusher and cone crusher are widely used as a raw material crushing equipment. Hongxing physical and chemical properties for coke to special processing after transforming the existingcrusher for sale production dedicated to the coke ore broken hammer crusher, in order to solve because of the special physical and chemical properties of coke individual problems. Improve the working efficiency and reduces the frequency of the problem.

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