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  • New type hydraulic cone crusher supplied by Hongxing
    publish time2013-12-19

     With the rapid development of national infrastructure, Iron ore is one of the ores which has been widely used, iron ore hardness is higher, if you use a impact crusher, it is easy to damage the broken wall, so Vipeak newly developed WKS cone crusher, PY cone crusher, HPC cone crusher for the high hardness ore, such as iron ore, granite and basalt. If you want to save both energy and maintenance costs, cone crusher is your best choice! Cone crusher is especially applied in high hardness rock, ore, slag and fireproofing. Cone crusher was constituted by frame body, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, crushing cone, eccentric bushing. Three modes is available, that is intermediate crushing,intermediate and fine crushing, fine crushing depends on clients’ demand.

    Cone crusher was developed recent year, all advanced technology of crushing was put together to this cone crusher. Because it’s new tehchnology-hydraulic crushing system, cone crusher has lots of advantages like high capacity, stable, and high crushing ratio. It’s a symbol that ore stone crusher technology steps forward. Cone crusher has lots of difference in structure and design with other crusher, all advantages of other crushers are included. Cone crusher has wide range of application. It is well-known that,cone crusher does not have a unified price on the market at present, and also belongs to the gathering place of mining machinery, henan cone crusher manufacturers a lot, the size of technical services are difference, so if you want to buy cone crusher, or you first look at the specifications, enterprise reputation, product quality, then to determine whether specific buy which products, vico heavy industry stand up to the user, also welcome customers to visit in the factory, also can click the online customer service consulting cone crusher quotation information

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